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For daily amulets. A design ring in which the twin pearls "Goedama" draw red threads.

For daily amulets. A design ring in which the twin pearls "Goedama" draw red threads.

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From the Akoya pearls grown in the sea of Ise-Shima, we made a "matchmaking ring" using very precious baby-sized twin pearls.

Features of this ring

  1. I made a delicate and neat ring using a colon, cute baby-sized twin pearls and diamonds.
  2. A ring with a knot design inspired by the story that "the little finger is connected to a person with a connection by a red thread".
  3. Twin pearls cannot be made intentionally. The mystery created by the nature of "Akoya pearl oysters" and "sea".

♔ The wonder of twin pearls

Among the Akoya pearls that grow in the sea of Ise-Shima, Mie Prefecture, although they were originally supposed to grow as a single round pearl, A pearl born as a twin by accidentally sticking to something there is.

This cute twin pearl as a colon cannot be intentionally made by human hands. Therefore, it is unpredictable how many can be done every year.

Which pearls and pearls stick to each other is exactly the technique created by the edge.

From the twin pearls that were born as many as the number of pearls of the year, we chose the most beautiful ones to make a ring.

"Since the time when a person was born, the person with whom he has a relationship, the little finger and the little finger are connected by a red thread."

With the motif of the legend of marriage, twin pearls are placed in the center of the knot, and diamonds are placed in the small knot.

♔ Twin pearls and marriage

By the way, twin Akoya pearls "Goenju / Goedama" Do you know

Goedama is a twin pearl that grows in the sea of Ise-Shima and grows with some beat while being held by the mother shell for a long time.

Originally, they were grown one by one, but very rarely, such pearls are born.

These twin pearls are truly miraculous pearls created by nature, the mother oyster and the sea, which cannot be made with the intention of sticking together and cannot be controlled so that they do not stick together.

Unlike other gems, the pearls created by living creatures called Akoya pearl oysters have a will, and the pearls that are related to each other may be attracted to each other and stick to each other.

Looking at the beautiful twin pearls, I can't think of it that way.

Pearls that are connected and united.

We named it "Goenju / Goedama". (* Trademark registered)

♔ Meaning of each Yubi ♔

It is said that the ring has a meaning for each finger.
How about putting it on the finger that fits the edge you want to meet?

left hand

・ Watches over the little finger love. For those who are looking for a wonderful encounter and those who want to cherish their relationship with their lover.

・ Helps the development of ring finger love. For those who want to deepen their bond with their lover. Engagement ring on this finger.

・ You can communicate with the people around your middle finger and understand your feelings smoothly.

-Index finger Perfect for those who are thinking of starting something new.

・ Thumbs For those who want to stick to their beliefs. It will help you to move steadily toward your goal.

right hand

・ The little finger expressiveness is enriched, and you can casually appeal your charm.

・ For those who want to spend their daily life with a calm feeling.

・ For those who want to proceed with things reasonably. As a talisman.

・ For those who want to improve their index finger work and study. It is said that you can put your inspiration into action.

・ Has the power to overcome thumb difficulties. You can move forward with confidence.

♔ Design and materials


It is a ring designed with a knot under the theme of the legend of red thread that "the little finger and little finger of a person with a rim are connected by a red thread".

Small knots with shining natural diamonds on both sides of the bead, which is reminiscent of a bow.

It is a delicate and cute ring.

Material and specifications

・ Akoya twin pearls from Ise-Shima, Mie Prefecture (Goendama) 3mm ~ 3.5mm (per grain)

・ 2 natural diamonds (0.02ct)

・ You can choose your favorite bullion from 3 colors: 10K yellow gold, 10K white gold, and 10K pink gold.

-Manufactured with the specified ring size (Nos. 1 to 16).

♔ For those who do not know the ring size

I can't order because I don't know the ring size! For those who are in trouble You can check the size slowly at home "Ring size gauge rental service" I am doing. Easy to use! Select "Yes" when ordering "Do you want to rent a ring gauge?"

Please check the size with the ring gauge you received and contact us. We will produce it in that size.

♔ About delivery date

This ring will be made after ordering with your favorite ring size and bullion color. Therefore, the following delivery time will be required. In particular, white gold and pink gold are special bullions, so it will take longer to deliver than yellow gold, so if you have an urgent need such as when you have a fixed gift date, please be sure to inquire about the delivery date before ordering.

Yellow gold 2 weeks

White gold and pink gold 4-5 weeks


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