Testimonials from customers who used custom-made

We have received feedback from customers who have used KELEN's custom-made products. It will introduce a part of.

Many customers were initially worried about ordering jewelry from an EC shop.

During the meeting before the official order and in the process of creating the design, the anxiety is resolved, and when the jewelry is completed, we are delighted.

At KELEN, we value communication with our customers the most and aim to satisfy them.

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Mr. A

Item: Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring


Master: “Thank you very much for your patronage. I feel a great deal of value in the originality of this one piece. I think I am (laughs).”

Wife: I think it must have been a difficult task to put originality into the very limited space of a ring. Until then, I didn't wear many accessories, but a nice wedding ring was next to the start. I have inherited precious necklaces from my mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, aunt, etc., so I'm thinking of studying fashion."

Voices of joy from our customers

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Engagement ring:

Koshu Kiseki Kiriko x Milky Pink Amethyst custom-made engagement ring

wedding ring:

A custom-made wedding ring made with the image that came to mind in conversation with the two of you

Mr. B

Item: Original Ring

“This time, we had a ring made in the image of Gyri Zeppeli, who appears in Hirohiko Araki’s original “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 7 Steel Ball Run”. The color of his hair, peridot represents the color of his lips and eyes, and since he is a horse rider, I absolutely wanted him to use the horseshoe symbol. But in the end, he gives priority to his friends over his own goals. On the contrary, it seems like a ripple of energy is coming from this ring, like a memento that he gave me as a present.

Letters of joy received from custom-made customers are posted.

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Mr. C

Item: Pendant


”I was asked to create a necklace using the birthstone of my eldest son. It was my first time giving birth and I was raising a child, so I was talking to my husband about wanting something special to commemorate our family. In addition to learning about my son's birthstone, amethyst, I was also involved in the process of meeting with him several times to decide on the design, and then exchanging emails until the product was delivered. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun.Although famous brand accessories are also wonderful with designs that follow the trends of the times, it was the first time that both my husband and I were very satisfied with the work.Thank you. I'm sorry."

We received a happy letter from a customer who requested a made-to-order product.

Here is the story of the made-to-order production.

Pendant with Koshu precious stone facet