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Our mission, vision and values

Jewelry is Entertainer!
Jewelry is an entertainer!

This is the slogan we raised when we launched the brand.

KELEN believes that jewelry, like music, art, movies, theater, etc., is necessary to nourish the soul and live a richer life .

In 2019, when we finally launched the brand, we had a discussion to define the mission, vision and values.

The words that came up during the discussion were written one after another on post-it notes and pasted on the whiteboard.

How much time have you spent on this important thing?

I felt uneasy as if I hadn't come up with a word that clearly expresses "What kind of existence is KELEN?"

When I was exhausted and lost my concentration, I looked at the clock and saw that it was almost noon, so I decided to go to lunch for a change of pace.

It was a sunny and pleasant day.

Suddenly, while looking at the many people coming and going, a certain word came to me.

"Jewelry is Entertainer!"

We knew instantly that this was the answer to the question we were looking for: "What is KELEN?"

That was the moment when we decided on a slogan that would serve as an axis for skewering our mission, vision, and values.


“Creating a culture of wearing jewelry”

Once the slogan was decided, the mission, vision, and values ​​were also decided.

We will always keep in mind the creation of a “jewelry-wearing culture” that enriches the hearts of all people.

Jewelry is still something that many people wear on "special days", but just as there is no one who doesn't wear shoes when they go out every morning, there is no one who doesn't wear jewelry. Aim.


“Be a leader in jewelry culture”

KELEN's friends enjoy jewelry themselves and practice a rich way of life.

People gather in such a way of life.


"Creating surprises"

"Make full use of technology and wisdom"

"Price suitable for everyday jewelry"

We create jewelry that customers want to wear by making the most of KELEN's strength of creativity.

We aim to provide jewelry at an affordable price by fully mobilizing the technology and wisdom we have gained from our experience.

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