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Twin pearl “goendama” ribbon ring made by chance

Do you know twin pearls?

Pearls are generally round and cologne, but there are some pearls that were supposed to grow as one round pearl, but are born as twins when they accidentally join together .

They are called twin pearls (or twin pearls) .

It is not possible to intentionally create twin pearls that look so cute when two pearls stick together.

Also, it is not possible to operate it manually so that it does not stick.

It is truly a gift that only nature can make.

Rarity of Akoya Baby Twin Pearl

4 reasons why the number is small

Akoya baby twin pearls are very rare. There are four reasons for that.

1, can not be made intentionally

A very rare twin pearl. This cannot be made with the intention of sticking together. On the contrary, it cannot be controlled so that it does not stick, so it is truly a miraculous pearl created by the nature of the mother oyster and the sea. I have no choice but to leave it to nature, so I can't predict how many I can do every year.

2, Fewer than South Sea pearls and freshwater pearls

The number of Akoya pearls is smaller than that of white/black pearls and freshwater pearls. This is because the time it takes to grow saltwater pearls (Akoya, white/black ) and freshwater pearls is different. Akoya oysters are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and are much smaller than white/black oysters. It depends on reasons such as the difference in the number of fish, the difference in the cultivation area and the amount.

Therefore, there are fewer Akoya pearl twins than white/black and freshwater twin pearls.

3, baby size is small

Small pearls less than 5 mm are called baby pearls. This baby pearl is less in number than the general size of Akoya pearls, 7 to 8 mm. This is because baby size is time consuming to grow and requires skilled craftsmanship.

4, the quality is different

Although twin pearls are rare, they differ in quality, such as size, presence or absence of blemishes, and good or bad luster, just like a single pearl. If the two pieces stick together incompletely and are likely to separate, if there are many scratches that look bad, if the shine is not good and it looks cloudy, etc., we will sort through the quality checks to find the ones that are of a quality that can be used as jewelry. is even more limited. For these two reasons, very few twin pearls can be used in jewelry.

Production story of GOENDAMA

Unlike other gemstones, pearls, which are created by living creatures called Akoya oysters, have their own intentions.

Looking at beautiful twin pearls, I can't help but think so.

A pearl united by a connection.

I named it "Goendama/GOENDAMA". (* Trademark registered)

A design unique to the Enju

"From the time people are born, their pinky fingers are connected by a red thread to those they have a connection with."

Have you ever heard the legend of matchmaking?

When you see twin pearls that are born by coincidence, you can't help but feel the miracle.

I made a design of a ring with the image of a red thread, which is most suitable for twin pearls and entama.

The ring is a red thread-like ribbon design tied to the finger.

Set a small rim in the center of the knot.

I treated the both sides with a diamond that complements the rim.

The difference between twin pearls and fengju

Of the twin pearls, only those that meet the following five criteria are called goenju.

  1. Being an Akoya pearl
  2. Be baby size (1 bead 5mm or less)
  3. be clean with few scratches
  4. have enough teri
  5. The two pearls are joined in a well-balanced manner.

1, be Akoya pearls

There are three major types of pearls produced in the world: freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, and South Sea pearls. These three types of mother oysters are different, and each has different characteristics in the size, shape, and luster of the pearls that are produced. Among them, the beautiful luster of colors such as pink and blue is a major feature that only Akoya pearls have and is not found in other pearls. Freshwater pearls and South Sea pearls have a single color luster, and the difference is clearly visible when compared to Akoya pearls. For this reason, the first requirement for Enju is to be Akoya pearls with seven colors of luster.

2, be baby size

The most common size of Akoya pearls is 6 to 8 mm in diameter, but the smallest ones are 2 to 3 mm in diameter, and 2 to 5 mm Akoya pearls are called baby pearls. Currently, Akoya pearls are cultivated in Mie, Ehime, Nagasaki, Oita, and Kumamoto prefectures, but baby-sized pearls are cultivated only in Mie prefecture. Therefore, baby size twin pearls are very rare.

3, be clean with few scratches

Pearl scratches are dents like dimples, bumps or deformations, and dark stains. Perfect pearls without any of these are really few and rarely made. Therefore, even if it is not perfect, I choose jewelry that has few scratches that can be seen with the naked eye when used as jewelry.

4, there is enough teri

It is this Teri that greatly affects the quality of pearls. We select pearls that have a good luster so that you can clearly see what is reflected in the pearls. It is judged comprehensively together with the presence or absence of scratches in 3.

5,Two pearls are joined in a well-balanced manner

Among twin pearls, there are cases where two pearls are attached with a slight point of contact, or on the contrary, they are attached too much and the balance is poor. The balance of twin pearls has a great influence on whether or not they look beautiful when tailored to jewelry. Therefore, we use only those that have two beads joined in a well-balanced manner.

The finger you wear the ring on has meaning.

It is said that the ring has meaning for each finger on which it is worn.

If you were wondering which finger to put it on, how about putting it on the finger that is perfect for the relationship you want to meet?

We will make it in your desired ring size, so it is possible to make it a pinky ring (ring for the pinky finger) as in the legend, or for other fingers.

left hand

・Little finger Watch over love. For those who are looking for a wonderful encounter, and for those who want to cherish their relationship with their lover.

・Ring finger It helps the progress of love. For those who want to deepen their bond with their lover. Engagement ring on this finger.・Middle finger You can communicate with people around you and understand your feelings smoothly.

・Index finger Perfect for those who are thinking of starting something new.

・Thumb For those who want to stick to their beliefs. It will help you keep moving towards your goals.

right hand

・Little finger Your expressiveness will be enriched, and you can casually show off your charm.

・Ring finger For those who want to spend their daily life with a calm feeling.

・Middle finger For those who want to proceed rationally. As a talisman.

・Index finger For those who want to improve their work or study. It is said that inspiration can be turned into action.

・Thumb There is power to overcome difficulties. Move forward with confidence.

What if you don't know your ring size?

I want to order but I don't know the ring size.

Don't worry.

Just check the "Ring Gauge Rental Service" option when you place your order. We will send a ring gauge to your order address, so please measure the size slowly and contact us when you have decided.

About the ring material

・Baby size Akoya twin pearls from Ise-Shima, Mie Prefecture (Goendama)

・Two natural diamonds (0.02ct)

・You can choose your favorite base metal from 3 colors: 10K yellow gold, 10K white gold, and 10K pink gold.

・We manufacture the ring size specified by the customer (No. 1 to No. 16).

About delivery date

Enju rings are made-to-order products that are made after you place an order. Therefore, the delivery time will be as follows.

10K yellow gold: 2 to 4 weeks

10K pink gold and white gold: 2 to 5 weeks

The actual delivery time will vary depending on the timing of your order.

Therefore, we will inform you of the detailed delivery date by e-mail after the order is completed.

If you are in a hurry for a gift, etc., we may not be able to meet the delivery date, so please be sure to consult us before ordering.

Use scene

◇As a present

◇ As a symbol of irreplaceable bonds with people

◇ As a daily amulet

◇As a proposal ring

◇As an engagement ring

Finally, we select beautiful entama rings in order of order, so the earlier you purchase, the more beautiful entama you can set. Therefore, we recommend that you place your order early.

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