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Diamond crown design ring that makes use of the shape of Grandidierite

Grandidierite has been rapidly gaining popularity since around 2017.

The blue color, which is different from the sapphire and tanzanite that this gem has, and is different from the Paraiba tourmaline, is a greenish blue that is more suitable to be written as blue rather than blue.

The Grandidierite used for this ring is owned by the customer.

"I would like to make a ring using grandidierite."

It's the beginning of a message from line.

Grandidier ring

A melee diamond crown ring that brings out the green color of grandidierite

From the LINE message that you want to use diamonds

The most important thing in design is "brilliance"! I flashed.

This gem called grandidierite has the characteristic of birefringence.

Birefringence has an effect called “doubling,” which is why when you look at a gemstone, the reflection of light spreads out like a kaleidoscope.

By the way, other than grandidierite, zircon and sphene are famous gemstones that show the doubling effect.

When it comes to this doubling effect and diamonds, "design that maximizes brilliance" is the royal road! That's what I thought.

That's why I suggested this design.

Grandidierite's custom-made ring design drawing

Taking advantage of the pear-shaped shape, the melee diamond is wrapped halfway around, and the diamond is connected to the arm of the ring (where you can put your finger through) for a clean look.

When the main jewel is surrounded by diamonds, many designs use diamonds all the way around, which gives a more formal feel.

I didn't meet the customer in person because we communicated all the time on LINE, but I felt that they were probably young people, and because they work full time, it would be difficult to use a design with a strong sense of formality. That's why I came up with a design that surrounds the main jewel with melee diamonds, making it easy to use on a daily basis.

The curved V shape and straight diamonds look like a crown.

Princess Grandidierite in a diamond crown, so to speak.

Looking from the other side it looks like a crown.

Looking upside down, the Grandidierite ring looks like a crown.

Doesn't it look like you're wearing a melee diamond crown when viewed from the other side?

The glitter is beautiful! (Sorry for the miso!)

All of the melee diamonds used by KELEN are of the grade used in the high jewelry class, so they sparkle even under ordinary light.

Watch the video to see how this ring sparkles!

It happens every time,
Every time I complete a piece of jewelry, I feel unscrupulous, thinking, "Wow, I want to make it my own." smile!


After completion, it will be placed in the original box, wrapped, then packed and shipped.

The grandidier light ring is completed and placed in the original KELEN box.

I put it in the KELEN original box and send it♪

Actually, the wrapping is also arranged according to the design every time.

From the customer after delivery

"The wrapping was so beautiful that I smiled from the moment I opened it. It was my favorite shade.

When I was designing the ring, I felt like it really clicked with me. "

Thank you for your kind message,

It was a pleasure to be exhausted by the author's happiness!

The moment you open the delivered box, it's the first thing that pops into your eyes. I want you to enjoy every moment of it. With that thought in mind, we wrap and send off our children (jewelry we have made).

I'm really happy that you like it♪

Thank you very much.


Recently, in proportion to the recent popularity of events such as mineral fairs where ordinary people can purchase gemstones, we are receiving more consultations about jewelry using the loose pieces we have on hand.

I want to make jewelry as I imagined because it is loose on hand! It is natural to think that

If you like KELEN's design, please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you on LINE .

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