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Matchmaking pendant of twin Akoya pearls "Goenju" Twin pearls Twin pearls

Matchmaking pendant of twin Akoya pearls "Goenju" Twin pearls Twin pearls

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♔Twin pearls that connect ties “GOENDAMA”♔

What is twin pearls

Akoya pearls, which were originally supposed to grow one by one, are called twin pearls when they happen to come together while they are in the stomach of a oyster.

Since twin pearls cannot be intentionally made by human hands,

No one knows which pearls will stick together.

Also, no one knows how many twin pearls are produced each year.

Twin pearls are “miracle pearls” created by nature.

Rarity of baby size twin pearls

Currently, Akoya pearls are cultivated in Mie, Ehime, Nagasaki, Oita, and Kumamoto prefectures.

The most common size of Akoya pearls is 6 to 8 mm in diameter, but smaller ones range from 2 to 3 mm in diameter. These 2-3mm Akoya pearls are called baby pearls.

These baby pearls are small and cute, but currently they are only farmed in Mie prefecture.

Therefore, compared to other sizes, the number is originally small, and as mentioned above, it cannot be made intentionally, so the number of twins will be even smaller.

As you can see, baby size twin pearls are few in number,

If you exclude those with scratches or color unevenness and narrow down to only those of quality that can be set in jewelry, the number will be narrowed down further.

Therefore, baby size twin pearls are said to be rare.

A relationship that coincides with each other

Pearls, which are created by living creatures such as Akoya oysters, may have different intentions than other mineral-based jewels, and pearls that are related to each other may be attracted to each other and stick together.

I can't help but think so when I look at the twin pearls that are beautifully attached.

Twin pearls that happened to grow in the same mother oyster and happened to overlap and become one.

Among the twin pearls that were created by coincidence, the baby size is even rarer.

From its origin, we named it "GOENDAMA" so that twin pearls can be a good luck charm for marriage. (*Trademark registered in Japan)


i heard it when i was a kid

"From the time people are born, their pinky fingers are connected by a red thread to those they have a connection with."

With the legend of matchmaking as a motif,

I made jewelry with a design inspired by a butterfly knot.

Treat the ball between the bow knots,

The natural diamond shining in the valley complements the bead.

The delicate and cute design allows you to wear it anywhere.

Similarly, it is made to be worn with a ribbon motif ring with the theme of "tying ties".


Materials and specifications

・Akoya twin pearls from Ise-Shima, Mie Prefecture (Goendama/Goendama) about 3mm (per pearl)

・1 natural diamond (0.02ct)

・You can choose your favorite base metal from 3 colors: 10K yellow gold, 10K pink gold, and 10K white gold.

・The total length of the chain is 42 cm, and the material is 10k gold, the same color as the pendant itself.

About the chain

We use a cut azuki chain that sparkles with your movements. It is about 42 centimeters in total length, which is a general length. (Total length including pendant body)

♔Delivery date

This ring is made to order with your preferred ring size and base metal color. Therefore, the delivery time will be as follows. In particular, white gold and pink gold take a long time to deliver because they are special metals, so if you are in a hurry, such as when the date of the gift is already decided, please be sure to contact us about the delivery date before ordering.

Platinum, yellow gold, silver 2 weeks

White gold and pink gold 4-5 weeks



All gemstones are natural stones. The type of pearl is listed in the product description column.

precious metal

We use solid wood of platinum, gold and silver. Purity is listed on the product page.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping fee is free nationwide. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, we also accept returns. See here for details.


Detailed product sizes are listed on the product page. We try to be as accurate as possible, but please understand that there may be slight differences in size due to the characteristics of natural stones.

Care Instructions

To keep your jewelry clean for a long time, wipe it with a soft cloth after use and store it. If the dirt is conspicuous, please ask for professional care.

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