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Petite size high quality Akoya pearl earrings / diameter 5mm pearl 18K gold earrings metal fittings

Petite size high quality Akoya pearl earrings / diameter 5mm pearl 18K gold earrings metal fittings

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If you are wearing Akoya pearl earrings for the first time, I definitely recommend these earrings.


Color is white

Diameter is 5 mm and is about the size of azuki beans

Simple design without decoration
Because it is

, it is a versatile pierced earring that can be used both privately and at work, regardless of TPO.

[Quality of Akoya pearls]

High quality Akoya pearls that are almost perfect in both shine and winding. The brand owner himself goes to a pearl farmer in Ise, Mie Prefecture, and selects and purchases high-quality pearls with his own eyes. Based on the trust that has been built up over a long period of time, we have realized that we can provide high quality Akoya pearls at a reasonable price.

Some Akoya pearl jewelery is coated to make it look like a good quality pearl, but all the pearls used by KELEN are processed with coatings. It is a certain quality that has not been done.

[Product material]

Akoya pearls from Mie prefecture

18K gold earrings

With quality guarantee



All gemstones are natural stones. The type of pearl is listed in the product description column.

precious metal

We use solid wood of platinum, gold and silver. Purity is listed on the product page.

Shipping & Returns

Shipping fee is free nationwide. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, we also accept returns. See here for details.


Detailed product sizes are listed on the product page. We try to be as accurate as possible, but please understand that there may be slight differences in size due to the characteristics of natural stones.

Care Instructions

To keep your jewelry clean for a long time, wipe it with a soft cloth after use and store it. If the dirt is conspicuous, please ask for professional care.

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