About materials used

The material used for each piece of jewelry is described in the description on the page.

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The common matters of gems and precious metals used in KELEN that are not listed on the product are as follows.


The gemstones that KELEN uses for jewelry are purchased from Japan and overseas, and are selected with my own eyes.

Gemstones come in a wide range of qualities, and with that comes a wide range of prices. We select grades that match the story and concept of the jewelry we produce, as well as the scene of the wearer.

For example, we use different grades of gemstones for jewelry that we would like you to wear casually, such as when you go out on a daily basis, and for elegant jewelry that you would like to wear at a party.

The certificate is not included, but can be obtained for a fee if desired.

precious metal

Jewelry made by KELEN uses platinum, gold and silver solid wood. I don't use brass.

In addition, some works use shakudo and shibuichi, which are used in traditional Japanese metal crafts. Each work is described.