What KELEN values

KELEN's jewelry making started with order-made.

Impressive movies make me want to go to the cinema many times,

A boring movie is only two hours long, but you can't watch it to the end.

Even with jewelry, there are some things that just use expensive materials that don't make you feel good.

This slogan, which was put up when KELEN was launched in 2009, contains everything we want to deliver to everyone through jewelry.

Since 1992, before starting KELEN, I started making jewelry on my own until today.

I haven't counted exactly, but I've made 2000.

To be honest,

There were some funny movies and some boring ones.

Most of the boring movies

The stones were removed, the precious metals were melted back into ingots, and they all disappeared as materials to make different and interesting movies.

from that experience

I came up with the opening slogan.

Since we call ourselves entertainment, we have to be a brand that people enjoy.

I would like to write a little more about it so that you can know the value of the jewelry we create.

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