Happy December 2nd birthday to everyone! Daily jewelry design drawing

King of Blue

king of blue

Ladies and gentlemen,
World Cup 2022, did you watch the match between Japan and Spain? !

Congratulations to the Japanese team, who won the come-from-behind victory with a brilliant shot!

Ah, I haven't been this happy in a long time! !

[Today's design drawing]

The jewelry design picture given to those who have a birthday today on December 2nd,

I drew a pendant using sapphire, the king of blue gems, in connection with the victory of the Japanese team.

December 2nd birthday jewelry design drawing

sapphire cut
2nd goal in the second half,
In a sense, I got it from the design of the soccer ball that attracted more attention than the players.
Surrounded by baguette-cut melee diamonds for a cool design.

Happy birthday to everyone who has a birthday on December 2nd! ︎

I wish you the best birthday ever!

Assumed material

sapphire diamond
Platinum 900

By the way, here is the production video.

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