Happy December 1st birthday to everyone! Daily jewelry design drawing

Everyone born on December 1st

Happy Birthday.

In 2012, I, KELEN, drew a jewelry design picture every day and posted it on Facebook to congratulate people all over the world who had a birthday on that day.

Today, ten years later,
Start drawing again.

Can you do it without rest for a year?

Thank you for your support!

[Today's design drawing]

A yacht that sails in the wind and crosses the sea.
May all those born on December be blessed with a smooth future.
I wished that the one-year voyage would be completed safely.

Assumed material

kyanite diamond
18k yellow gold
Platinum 900

You can choose a design picture and place a custom order.

We will create jewelry based on your birthday jewelry design drawing.

If you have any questions about the delivery date, budget, size, items, gemstones, etc., please contact us from the LINE at the bottom right.

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